Gracie  *Adopted*

【Age】4.5 months old

  (Est. born on October 1, 2018)
【Weight】9.5 kg

- Playful with cats and she will be suitable for cats who knows to set boundaries or loves to play with dogs

- Playful with other dogs and loves to follow her paw friends around

- Gracie is not confident when it comes to strangers that she might bark softly, but knows to stop when said so

- Gracie is scared of sudden or big movement and she need a family who has the patience to help build up her confidence

- Behaves well in shower and not afraid of the sound of the hair dryer nor vacuum, but certain sounds in TV will startle her somehow

- Walks well on a leash and the sound of traffic doesn't bother her when she is on-leash

- Not confident when being off-leash somehow and she will be nervous outside being off-leashed

- Loves to play with her toys quietly

- Gracie is quieter at home. comparing to other puppies at the same age

- Knows to sit and wait for the food to be served

- Loves to cuddle once she trust her human