Gina *Adopted*


【Age】Est. 2 years old

  (As of April 2019)


【Weight】15.2 kg


Gina was on the streets with her two young pups. An organization taken her pups to be adopted and Gina was performed a TNR(trap neuter release) and was back on the streets. Gina often get hit or chased by the neighborhood because the people living there doesn’t like strays. Without her pups, without food, without a loving hand, the only thing she could do was cry every day. Finally, one of our love moms hear the news and went to rescue her. After fostering Gina for over half a year, she is now ready and waiting for her new home!


Gina is a calm girl at home, and she can also be active outdoors. Gina is good with kids and loves to play with her doggy friends. It takes some time for Gina to warm up to strangers, considering she was being abused on the street before, but she still trusts people and willing to go near strangers to sniff and get to know them. Once she knows they are friendly, she is super friendly and keep wagging her tail. Gina loves to be with people more than being with dogs, so once she trusts you, she will be very loyal to you! Gina is a girl who will watch out for herself when it comes to unfriendly dogs! If another dog gets into her face and growls, she will growl back. Gina doesn’t guard her food towards people, but sometimes guards towards other dogs. Gina is house-trained and knows to potty outside. She is a bit scare of cats that she will observe and tend to stay away from them. Gina would be a great companion for running, hiking and other outdoor activities!