Gill  *Adopted*


【Age】8 months old

  (As of November 2018)


【Weight】13 kg


Gill and her sister Yuri were rescued from an overcrowded shelter packed with more than 500 dogs in a limited space when they were about two months old. When Gill was reported and brought to the shelter, she had 6 siblings with her; however, only Gill and Yuri survived in that unhygienic and overpopulated environment. When the rescuer saw them, she knew she had to bring them to safety. At the vet, X-ray showed that Gill had a broken bone in her paw, so she stayed behind with the foster a while longer to receive proper treatment. Guess who’s fully recovered and ready to love and be loved – Gill is now ready to join her furever home!


Gill is mild-tempered and has a chill personality. She doesn’t get crazy or loud. She is well-behaved inside the house and is great on leash. Gill is house-trained and goes potty in designated spot at home. She is shy of strangers and will need some time and patience to open up. She shows no food aggression toward anyone. Gill is good with kids. She’s also ok with cats in that she ignores them! Like her Formosan peers, Gill’s shiny black coat will stay short and easy to maintain. Let us know if you have questions or want to send in an application for her! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.