【Age】9 months

  (Est. Born in July 2019 (est.))


【Weight】12 kg


Gigi was found on the streets by a love mum who was doing her normal routine on feeding the strays and saw little Gigi. She took Gigi to the vet and got her spayed. Originally, the love mum was going to release Gigi back onto the streets but because she had just gone through spaying, she didn’t want her to have an infection so asked a foster for help. Gigi is such an outgoing and sweet girl, the foster decided to keep Gigi in her care until she could find a home for her!


Gigi is a Formosan mix and will most likely be around the small-medium size, weighing at around 30-35lbs when full grown. She is great with other dogs and enjoys meeting new doggie friends but she will dodge when new dogs try to smell her butt. She’s a lady! Gigi is great with people she knows and she will snuggle up with them. Gigi loves to be cuddled and petted! When it comes to meeting strangers, she’ll let them pet her, though she will still be a little shy, with treats, it’ll help her warm up much faster. She is great with children and  she enjoys letting children to pet her and play with her. Gigi loves food and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs. Gigi is housetrained and she walks well on a leash that cars/traffic doesn’t bothers her! Gigi can be in the same space with cats, but she doesn’t want to be close to a cat. If a cat comes near, she will quickly walk away. Gigi is well-behaved during car-rides and she can’t wait to find a forever loving family of her own!