【Age】6 months old

  (As of December 2019)
【Weight】10.5 kg

Gigi was about 4 months old when she randomly appeared near a narrow trail in the mountains. She was covered in fleas and ticks. A lady who was walking there saw poor little Gigi and gave her some food and water. After that, Gigi started following the nice lady. Who could leave her there?! So, the lady took Gigi to the vet for medical treatment and after spaying Gigi, she was planning to leave her at where she was found but with Gigi being so friendly to people, she couldn’t do it. Thankfully, the vet assistant decided to take Gigi into foster care and reached out to us hoping to help Gigi find a loving home.


Gigi is a friendly girl who everyone will fall in love with! She loves her doggie friends and loves people too. She can be calm at home and playful when she’s with her doggie friends. She’s so friendly that she’ll go up and kiss anyone, including strangers! Gigi is great with kids and is able to allow them to kiss or hug her all over. Gigi loves food and is not food aggressive towards dogs or people. She is still learning potty training and learning to walk well on a leash. Gigi is fine with cats and she is much more interested in people than cats. Gigi is possibly a Collie/Formosan mix that she will grow to be medium sized about 35lbs-45lbs.