Gaby  *Adopted*


【Age】4.5 months old

  (Est. born on Oct. 1, 2018)


【Weight】9  kg


Gaby and a few other pups (siblings?) were found wandering on the side of a busy road near a construction site. Someone saw them and posted on social media asking for help. The rescuer was only capable to rescue one due to financial reasons, but our organization reached out and work with the rescuer to rescue all of the pups and placed them in different foster homes to get ready to start their new chapter in life! 


Little princess Gaby is an energetic puppy and loves to play, may it be running on the grass with her paw friends or playing with her toys alone quietly. She loves to be petted, hugged and cuddle. She is great with people and other dogs, but she is a bit scared when it comes to cats, though she is still ok when the cats approach her. Gaby is food-motivated and not a picky eater. She doesn’t guard her food against people, but she gets nervous when another dog approach her food bowl while she is eating and she will gabbled up quickly, with some training, she'll get past it! She's a smart girl who knows a few commands when it comes to food (SIT, NO and OK) and knows to sit and wait for the food to be served. As a very young puppy, Gaby is still learning to potty train. Gaby will grow to be medium-sized in her adulthood and she will be a great companion for cuddles at home or exercise outdoors!