【Age】4 months

  (Born on October 14, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】6.9 kg


A volunteer saw a litter of pups, estimated under 2 months old, abandoned by a fishing port. She fed the pups there, but she had no idea how to help them. After a few days, two puppies became sick and very weak. The volunteer couldn’t leave them there under the cold weather anymore, so she took all of the siblings home and reached out to us for help. Under the care of the volunteer and foster families, siblings are healthy and ready to find their forever loving homes!​


Frotti is a shy girl and she gets nervous when being around strangers or in a new environment. Frotti usually takes some time to observe strangers before approaching them, but if strangers approach her slowly and gently, she will let them to pet her as well. Once she trusts you, she is a very affectionate and cuddly little girl who loves to be petted and loves to be held! Frotti is gentle with children and she will let children to pet her as well, but she will run away from active/loud children. Frotti is used to potty outdoor, but being in a new environment, re-training might be needed. Frotti doesn’t guards her food/toys against people, but she sometimes growl at other dogs if they try to steal from her. When being alone at home, Frotti knows to play with her toys quietly. Frotti will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown and she is looking for a patient loving family who can help her to build up her confidence to know the world is not as scary as she thought!