【Age】4 months

  (Born on October 14, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】6.9 kg


A volunteer saw a litter of pups, estimated under 2 months old, abandoned by a fishing port. She fed the pups there, but she had no idea how to help them. After a few days, two puppies became sick and very weak. The volunteer couldn’t leave them there under the cold weather anymore, so she took all of the siblings home and reached out to us for help. Under the care of the volunteer and foster families, siblings are healthy and ready to find their forever loving homes!

Freya is a friendly little girl. She is great with children and loves to play with children. Freya is friendly with strangers and warms up fairly quick, especially with treats. Freya is submissive to dogs that are larger than her and tends to stay a distance from them, but she is great and playful with dogs who are about her size and dogs who are smaller than her. Freya is friendly and curious about cats that she will approach them slowly and sniff them gentling. She will sometimes want to play with cats and follow them around to see what they are up to. Freya is food motivated and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs. She will willingly share a bowl with another dog, however, if the other dogs guard the food from her, she will growl and bark at them. Freya is in the process of learning house-training and she knows to use training pads when indoors. Freya is well-behaved during car-rides, but she will drool during long rides. With more practice in the car, it will help her to improve her balance and reduce car sick. Freya loves to play and loves to run. She is a Formosan mix and she will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown, around 35lbs-40lbs. Freya is looking forward to join a family that she can explore this beautiful world with!