Frank    *Adopted*


【Age】Est. 1 year & 4 months old     

  (As of April 2019)


【Weight】15 kg


Frank was abandoned by his previous owner on a highway. Frank fainted at the side under the burning sun. A rescuer picked him up and went straight to the vet. At the vet, it turns out Frank is microchipped, and the rescuer called the number associated with the microchip. The previous owner answered and replied that he thought frank will be hit by a car and just die there, because he doesn’t want to take care of him anymore…. The rescuer then brought frank home and hope to find him a family who truly loves him.


Frank is very friendly to people and loves to be with people. He is also friendly to strangers and he will approach them for nice pettings. He loves kids, loves to interact/play with kids and very gentle around them. Franks walks confidently on a leash and he doesn’t afraid of the sound of traffic, but loud and sudden noise might startle him sometimes. Frank is house-trained, medium-sized and fully grown. Frank is great with other dogs and he can be playful with other dogs as well. He can be calm at home and he can also be active/adventurous outdoors. Frank is healthy, current with his shots and looking forward to joining his furever family!