Fiona *Adopted*

【Age】4 months old

  (As of June 2018)
【Weight】9 kg

Fiona and her 6 siblings are a litter born in the countryside and are now looking for their furever home in Vancouver! As the siblings grew up with each other and with other foster brothers and sisters, they are well-socialized and loves being with their peers. Fiona is mature for her age. She understands basic commands already, and knows to go up and down the stairs with no problem. She’s also great on a leash, and usually does her business on the lawn within a span of 5 minutes. Inside the home, Fiona knows to go to her designated spot if she needs to pee. Fiona gets along well with her foster siblings (both dogs and cats) and has no problem being alone as well. Like all puppies, she loves yummy treats and having companions, and enjoys being with her humans. Fiona is crate-trained; she occasionally nibbles on furniture but knows to stop once told this is not appropriate.


As a Formosan Mountain mix, Fiona will grow up to be a medium-sized dog with a short, low-maintenance coat. Like those of her breed, she is intelligent, loyal, and a quick-learner. At such a young age, Fiona would benefit from continuous training exercises to help her master the model canine citizen behaviours. Fiona is current with her shots and is ready to join her family anytime. If you need more information on how to bring Fiona and her adorable smile home let us know! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.


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British Columbia, Canada

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