【Age】6~7 months

  (Est. born in late-January 2020)


【Weight】16 kg


A stray mother dog was found in a park and she had dug a hole in the dirt where she gave birth to seven cute little puppies. Their little cries were heard by the residents living in the area and they were taken into safety! Felicia, Freeman, Flora, Finn, Fido and Fifi are siblings. They have been staying in the foster home for a few months and now they are now ready to find their own furever homes!


Finn is a cute little boy who loves to play with his doggie friends and enjoys making new friends. He is good with people he knows and is friendly with kids. But he will still get scared if there’s a loud or sudden movement, so it’s best for strangers to approach him slowly. With strangers, sometimes he will still come over if they call his name. He loves food and he is not food aggressive towards people nor other dogs. He goes outside for potty and could use the peepad at home, though he is still training! Finn is great in car-ride and he usually sleeps through the ride. Finn is gentle with cats and he can be in the same room calmly with cats.