Fanny    *Adopted*

【Name】 Fanny

【Age】 6 months old

 (As of November 2019)

【Gender】 Female

【Weight】 7.5 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Spayed

Fanny was abandoned at a private shelter and she had ear hematoma and covered with fleas and ticks at the time. A volunteer brought her home to foster her, provided medical care and socialization training for her. Fanny is now healthy and ready to join his forever home!


Fanny is a little more outgoing than her sibling, Franky. Fanny has more confidence and warms up fairly quick. It took her only a night to open up fully to her currently foster. Fanny is great with other dogs, very playful and she loves to run in the park with her paw friends. Even if the other dog is unfriendly to her, she still tries her best to invite them to play. Fanny knows to go out for potty and she also knows to use training pads at home. Fanny walks well on a leash and knows to stay by her handler’s side. Fanny is a quiet but playful type at home. She loves her toys and knows to only chew on her toys. She loves people she trusts and she will stay by your side quietly if you are busy until you have a moment to spare for her and she really loves to give kisses! She is food-motivated and she doesn't guard her food/toys against other people nor other dogs. She is curious about cats that she will approach and sniff, but she won’t chase nor show aggression to cats. Fanny is good with kids, but she tends to stay away from active/loud kids. She takes time to observe strangers and she will need more time to warm up to male than female strangers. The best way is just to ignore her at first and let her approach to sniff you to know you are friendly first. Once she trusts you, she will be very affectionate and very cuddly like her sibling, Franky! Fanny will grow to be medium sized in her adulthood, estimated to be around 35lbs when fully grown.