【Age】4 months

  (Born on October 8, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】6.3 kg


Evelyn was rescued from the shelter. Evelyn was the smallest in the cell and every time when someone passed by, she always run to the front for people to see her. During mealtime, all the dogs were gulping down the food, but Evelyn just sat by the door, either too afraid to eat with other dogs or she just want someone to bring her home. A volunteer at the shelter reached out to us and we took Evelyn to our foster care. Evelyn is now healthy and ready to find her loving, patient forever home!

Evelyn is a gentle and submissive little girl. She is great with people she knows, loves to be held and loves to cuddle. She is also great with children and loves to play with them. When meeting strangers, Evelyn will be shy and nervous, but treats is a great way to earn her trust and helps her to relax. Evelyn is very submissive with dogs. She needs to know the other dogs are friendly before she can play with them. If the other dog shows any unfriendliness, she will just back off, even when the other dog came to steal her food. Evelyn is shy, gentle and curious when meeting cats that she will want to sniff them, but a little shy to approach. Evelyn is very nervous when being outdoors and she will freeze during walks when something scares her. She needs a patient family to help her build up her confidence and to learn the outdoor environment is not as scary as she thought. Evelyn knows to use training pads at home to do her business, but she’s too nervous outdoor that she won’t do her business outside, unless it’s a very quiet environment. Evelyn will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown, possibly 35lbs-40lbs. Evelyn is patiently waiting for a loving family who loves her as she is and willing to take the time to help her be more confident when being outdoors.