Esme  *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (Est. born on Dec 24, 2019)


【Weight】8 kg


Esme roamed the streets and would often get chased by people around the neighbourhood. She collapsed outside a store and was having a hard time breathing. A nice citizen passed by and saw Esme. Realized the collar on her neck was way too tight and her neck was also rotting because of it. There was also a wound on her right ear. They quickly took her to the vet and started treatment for her right away. Esme has no microchip and the neighbour said Esme appeared out of nowhere which seems someone goes to the neighbourhood and abandoned her there. Esme is now back to health and ready to find her furever home!


Esme loves to play with other dogs and even when they growl at her, she’ll still go over and try to give them kisses. When she gets excited, she’ll let out a few barks to her fellow doggy mates to play! She loves people but will need time to warm up to strangers. When she trusts her human, she will be very cuddly and follows them everywhere for more pettings! She’s ok with kids and when you have food, it’ll help her open up even more. Esme is not food aggressive to people but a little bit towards other dogs but with time and training, she will learn that there’s always going to be food for her! Esme goes outside for potty but also uses the peepad when she’s home. She’s curious about cats and would want to play with them! Esme loves to go outdoor to play and she is great during car-rides!