【Age】4 month (est)

  As of January 2020


【Weight】7.3 kg


Erica and her siblings were abandoned stray puppies. Originally these pups went through a trap- neuter-release (TNR) procedure and were released back to the same spot where they were found. But soon, the rescuer noticed that they were getting horribly abused and quickly took them away to be placed with fosters instead. Since this troubling ordeal, the puppies are now all under great care and are waiting to join their new families – and be loved forever!


Erica is an observant pup who likes other dogs but will find the ones that is friendly to her and play with them. She is great with people she knows and loves to give kisses but when it comes to strangers, she’ll hide and watch from a distance first. She’s scared when kids are screaming or gets a bit loud. Erica is a bit more sensitive when it comes to sounds especially when it comes to motorcycles but with training and time, she will be able to overcome it! She loves food and is not food aggressive towards people or dogs. She likes to sit or lie on her hooman during car rides and does not like being in a crate. She goes outside for potty but is still training! Erica is a Labrador/Formosan mix and she will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown.