Emma  *Adopted*


【Age】7 months old

  (As of Jan 2019)


【Weight】13 kg


Emma and her siblings were found wandering around a breakfast shop where the owner would secretly feed them leftover bread or bacon. But some of the neighbors there didn’t like the pups living around there and called the animal control to capture them. The breakfast shop owner didn’t want the pups to go into the shelter, so she quickly reached out to the love mum who came and took them home. After attending numerous of adoption events, Emma’s siblings have all found their new homes, but Emma is still looking for her permanent loving family.


Being in a new environment, Emma will be shy and nervous and she will need to take some time to warm up, but when she does, she will be a sweet and loving girl. When she first meets a stranger, she will hide close to her owner’s leg and observe. She’ll even try to steal a sniff or two! Meeting dogs at the dog park, Emma prefers a slow and calm introduction! But at home, that’s a different story! She can play and go crazy with the dogs she lives with. Emma is food-motivated which will comes in handy for training. She is not food aggressive to dogs, but only sometimes if the food smells too good that she might bare her teeth, however, Emma will not guard her food against people. She goes outside for washroom and uses the peepad if she’s inside the house. Any loud sound will scare Emma, but over time with more training, she will get over it! Emma walks well on a leash, although she is shy of strangers, she is still curious about them and she will go up to sniff them secretly. Emma loves toys and she can play with her toys quietly alone.