【Age】1 year old old

  (Est. born on December 2018)


【Weight】20 kg


Emily was rescued from a dyke when she was about 4 months old, with ticks and fleas all over her, even in her ears. She was taken to the vet immediately for treatment. Emily’s friendly and sweet personality won the hearts of everyone at the clinic, and the rescuer decided to help Emily look for a furever family to love her and be loved dearly in return.


Emily is a shy girl who needs an experienced dog owner to help her build up her confidence. Emily is great with people she knows, but takes some time to warm up to strangers. She might bark a bit when approached by a person for the first time, but stops when asked to. She would happily take treats from those she knows, and would approach slowly when it’s from a stranger. She gets startled if someone approached her too quickly. Nonetheless, once she got to know you, she’s a friendly girl! It also takes slightly longer for her to warm up to kids, but again, once she knows you she’s a gentle companion! Emily likes playing with dogs, and is at ease in the presence of cats. She has no food aggression toward anyone, but is reactive to high-pitched sirens (would back up a few steps). Let us know if you want to learn more about this gentle big girl!


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British Columbia, Canada

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