Elsa    *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old 

  (As of January 2019)  


【Weight】8 kg  


Elsa was found on a hiking trail with two other puppies around the same age that we believe they are siblings. They were starved for most of the time, but if they were lucky, sometimes some kind-hearted hiker/jogger offered food/snacks with them. The puppies hid under leaves from the rain and slept on the rocks through the nights. When Elsa was rescued, the rescuer saw three wounds/cuts on her tiny body.  


Elsa is great with other dogs and gets along with cats. She is a little shy towards strangers, but she is still curious about them and she will approach strangers sometimes to get to know them. Elsa is great with kids and she is very gentle around children. Elsa is food-motivated which will help to adapt into new environment quicker and she is also willing to share her treat with other dogs. Elsa loves to be petted and enjoys belly rubs very much. Elsa prefers to do her business outdoors that she will hold as long as she can until she goes outside, and she also knows to use training pads indoor as well (if she need to use it). Elsa will be a great companion for cuddling on the couch as well as a great companion for outdoor adventures!