Ellie  *Adopted*

【Age】2 years old

  (As of March 2019)
【Weight】17 kg

Ellie was found wandering the streets near a veterinarian hospital and she was skin and bones. Worse of all, she was pregnant! A love mom saw Ellie and couldn't bear seeing her like this, so she took her to the vet hospital where she later gave birth to 8 adorable pups! These 8 pups have all found a home in Vancouver and now it's their mom's turn!


Ellie is a calm and gentle girl. She is friendly to people and other dogs. When the foster mom is working on her stuff, Ellie would just be lying quietly by the side, watching her to finish her work! Because Ellie roamed the streets for quite a while, food to her is very important and she'll gulf down her food like no tomorrow. Although she doesn’t guard her food against people, she will guard her food from other dogs, but this will ease off when she knows there's always going to be a next meal. After meal time, Ellie will be back to her calm and gentle self again. Ellie has low energy at home and she enjoys watching out the window, cuddling on the couch, sleeping or playing quietly with toys sometimes. She also enjoys strolling on the street and feeling the wind on her face. Ellie has been living in the foster home for over seven months and nursed to health. Ellie is now ready to find a furever family of her own!