Eddie *Adopted*

【Age】9 months old

  (As of February 2019)
【Weight】16.5 kg

Eddie, Eric, Emma, Eason and Eaton are siblings. The siblings and their mother were stray dogs and the mother dog had to search for food for her babies everyday. One day when the siblings were less than a month old, the mother dog went out to search for food and she was hit by a car that she never made it back to her babies. When the rescuer heard the news and rushed over for a rescue mission, Eddie and his siblings had been starved for days that they were eating dirts to fill their tummy.

Eddie is now a healthy boy and ready to join his furever family! Eddie is great with dogs and loves to go crazy with them. Although he loves to play, but he also enjoys cuddling up with his human on the couch. Eddie is good with women and children but needs a little time to open up to men. Funny thing is that it's only certain men that he needs a little time to open up and he is ok with some male strangers! He loves to eat and is not food aggressive. Eddie is ok with cats. Eddie does most of his potty outside, but occasionally, there might going to be a few mistakes here and there, but he is definitely still learning and improving!