【Age】6 months old (est.)

  (As of January 2020)


【Weight】13.3 kg


Eaton spent his early puppyhood in an over-crowded shelter. Despite the less-than-ideal environment, he grew into the calm and friendly puppy he is. A volunteer saw Eaton at the shelter and brought him out to foster with the intention in finding Eaton a permanent loving home!


Eaton is a calm gentleman among his peers, as he always plays with others in a gentle manner. He has no problem getting close to humans and allowing them to pet him, although he sometimes gets startled by sudden movements. He’s great with kids and likes watching and following them! Eaton is friendly to cats and would get close for a sniff. Eaton has no food aggression toward anyone. He knows to do his business outside on the grass, or on a training pad at home. Eaton doesn’t mind being left on his own in a quiet corner, playing with a toy or napping. Eaton walks well on the leash and he will keep checking to ensure his hooman catches on. We’re hoping to find this handsome little guy a loving family who’ll give him a lifetime of love and happiness!