Eason *Adopted*

【Age】6 months old

  (Est. born in May 2018)
【Weight】10 kg

Eason is a calm boy, you can't imagine how hard he has lived before he was rescued. Eason's mother was a stray dog and she had to search for food for her babies everyday. One day when the brothers were less than a month old, the mother dog went out to search for food and she was hit by a car that she never made it to her babies. When the rescuer hear the news and rushed over for a rescue mission, Eason and his brother, Eaton had been starved for days that they were eating dirts to fill their tummy.


Eason is a calm and shy boy with a very easy-going personality. He may be shy of strangers at first, but as long as you have something yummy with you, he will approach you right away! Eason is friendly to people and children. He loves to play with other dogs and gets along very well with dogs. He will sniff and curious about cats, but never show any aggression to them. Eason loves toys and he can play with his toys quietly at home alone. He is very food-motivated and he eats very fast, but he doesn't guard his food against people or other dogs. Eason knows to do his business outdoors and on training pads at home as well. Eason walks great on leash and he would be a perfect companion for outdoor activities! Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.