【Age】1 years
  (As of September 2020)
【Weight】20 kg

>> Background History <<

Dudu was around two months old when she was found abandoned near a construction site. The rescuer quickly took Dudu away from there because that area was known to people poisoning dogs as they hate strays. Dudu has been staying in the foster home since then and ready to start her second chance in life!

>> Temperament <<

Dudu is a sweet Formosan/Lab mix who is energetic, playful and friendly. She loves to play with her doggie pals and snuggle up to her owners at home. When it comes to meeting new dogs, she will observe first and once she knows them, she can play like crazy! She is friendly to people and she isn’t scared of strangers that she will approach them for some pets. Dudu loves to snuggle up with the people she knows and when it comes to kids, she’ll give them lots of kisses! She is active and loves to explore her surroundings. She loves food and isn’t food aggressive towards people, but she sometimes let out a growl when other dogs come near while she’s eating. With some training, she’ll learn to share! Dudu is housetrained, but being in a new environment, accidents in the house is expected. Dudu is looking for a loving family with an active lifestyle to go on numerous adventures!