【Age】2 years & 7 months old

  (Est. born in January 2018)


【Weight】17 kg


Dorothy was rescued from her previous family who mistreated and abused her. They would keep her in crate all the time, starve her, always kept a muzzle on her and never even took her to grooming. Her nails were so long that it was uncomfortable for her to even walk. A volunteer saw her and asked the owner to release Dorothy into her care and the owner agreed. After several months in the foster care, Dorothy has been given a clean bill of health and now she’s ready for a second chance to have a real family that truly love her!


Dorothy is a sweet girl who loves to play with her doggies pals, but if a dog was to growl at her, she will growl back. She’s a tough girl who will stand up for herself! She’s a little scared of strangers and will take some time to warm up. Going slow and using treats is the best way for her to warm up faster. Dorothy isn’t as scared when it comes to kids and will let them pet her, but loud or sudden movements will still scare her. She loves food and she is not food aggressive towards people nor other dogs. Dorothy is still in the process of learning house-training, and she got it most of the time. Dorothy is scared of cats that when a cat approaches her, she will back up and try to hide behind people.