Dora   *Adopted*

【Age】1 year
【Weight】8.5 kg 

Dora and her litter were found in an industrial suburb and taken to a public shelter when they were about 2-3 months old. They were meant to be returned to where they were found after neutering and vaccinations, but she was the only one who survived the harsh shelter environment. On the day of returning to where they were originally found, Dora was released near a lamp post alone. Not knowing what to do, she stood still beneath the lamp post till dawn, until the foster mom saw her and took her in.

Since then, Dora has grown into a happy-natured (just look at her smile in the pictures), curious puppy, who loves making new friends and playing with them. Although she might seem unsure when meeting human strangers, she is submissive and warms up to them fairly quickly, and loves it when they give her a good chest rub! She’s food-driven, but is happy to share food with other dogs or even humans. Aside from being sociable, Dora is also content to be left alone and has no problem resting in a crate. She is mostly house-trained, although prone to small accidents which can be corrected by proper guidance, otherwise she enjoys doing her business on walks. As a Formosan Mountain Dog mix, Dora will grow to be medium-sized, and will shed only minimally and seasonally, and will be quite low maintenance when it comes to grooming. Apply to learn more about Dora and the joy she would bring to your life!

Check out Dora’s video with the below playlist to see how she is with other dogs, kids and strangers!


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British Columbia, Canada

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