【Age】5 months old

 (Est. born on June 27, 2019) 


【Weight】8.6 kg  


Donna, Dora and their brother were living in the shelter and on a TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release) list. The shelter volunteers have been posting online, hoping to find them their new homes before being released back to the street, but they had no luck in finding homes. One day, the shelter released the brother to the street and when the volunteer heard the news, she went to look for him but couldn’t find him. The shelter volunteer was devastated and reached out to our volunteer to see if we can take over Dora and Donna to our foster care and to find their forever homes.

Donna is great with people and very affectionate to people she knows. With strangers, she will need to observe them first before approaching them, but if strangers approach her gently and slowly, she will let them to pet her as well. Donna is gentle with children and once she warms up, she can be playful with children as well. Donna is playful with dogs, but she may need to observe dogs that are larger than her first before playing with them. Donna is also playful with cats as well that she will play with cats the same way as she plays with other dogs. Therefore, if there are cats in the household, only dominant cats or cats who know to set boundaries will be suitable. Donna walks well on a leash, but she is still nervous of the sound of traffic and may want to back off. Donna is very food-motivated which will comes in handy for training and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs. Donna is currently learning housetraining and she also knows to use training pads at home as well. Donna is well-behaved during car-rides! Donna is a Formosan mix and she will grow to be medium-sized, possibly 35lbs-45lbs when fully grown. she will be a perfect companion for outdoor activities and a great cuddle bear at home on the couch!