Dodo  *Adopted*

【Age】2.5 years 

Dodo is a mid-sized Formosan Taiwanese Dog mix who is full of energy and affection! And boy oh boy can she jump! She has a beautifully even pale beige short hair coat that sheds minimally. She knows her commands well; sit, hold hands, and lie down, and intelligent Dodo is ready to learn more from you!

Dodo lost her home because her owner passed away without any family. She was forced to beg for food and shelter around the neighborhood, but people would chase her off with sticks and hit her until she leaves.

When Dodo was trapped for the TNR program and ready to be spayed, they found that she was already in the first trimester and they had no choice but to terminate the pregnancy. Now she lives happily with 30 other dogs and one independent cat in the foster mother’s family. Not only is she’s extremely sociable with dogs and cats, she’s also friendly and playful with children.

Being a Formosan Taiwanese Dog mix, Dodo can fit into either an active or a somewhat sedentary lifestyle. Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation now to find out more about Dodo, and how you can give the her a well-deserved Second Chance in Life!


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British Columbia, Canada

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