【Age】5 month (est)

  As of January 2020


【Weight】8 kg


Doby was abandoned in the shelter by his previous owner when he was about 2 months old and ridiculously, the reason for the abandonment is that they don’t like the color of his coat. In the shelter, he wasn’t even able to eat because all the other dogs would eat all the food before he could and within a week, you could see his bones because he became so skinny. A volunteer at the shelter posted on social media asking for help and our rescuer saw the post! She quickly went to bring Doby out of the shelter and now he’s ready to find his furever home!


Doby is a sweetheart who is great with dogs and loves to play together. He is amazing with people and kids. Seems like he already forgotten how her previous owners had treated him and having a loving foster, has helped him quite a bit! Walking outside, Doby will go up to say hi to anyone he sees and is quite happy exploring the world. He loves food and he doesn't guards his food towards people nor other dogs. This happy little boy loves to play with toys and enjoys snuggly tv time as well. He also enjoys outdoor activities. He is currently still learning potty training. Doby will grow to be medium-sized, possibly around 30lbs-40lbs when fully grown.