Demi  *Adopted*

【Age】5 months
【Weight】8 kg 

Demi is an active girl who just love people and dogs! She is smart, adaptive, and athletic! Being a high energy 5-month-old puppy, she just loves running around and chew on everything she can find. She will fit best into a patient household where she is given lots of stimulation and chances to learn some proper manners!

Demi was abandoned in a park when she was three months old. Spotted by the animal society volunteers, she was trapped and neutered. Being a beautiful white Formosan Taiwanese dog mix, she was quickly adopted. But the family’s young daughter insisted she wanted a toy poodle that Demi was returned after merely a month.

Demi now is part of the 30 foster dogs and having a great time every day. She's curious about the outdoor cat who also lives in the household but does not bark or chase. She barks when seeing strangers but would stop after receiving warnings. She will be an excellent companion with any outdoor activities! Will you be the one running with Demi and let her show off her beautiful white coat? Be the one giving Demi her well-deserved second chance of life!

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British Columbia, Canada

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