【Age】4 month

  (Born on September 21 (est.))


【Weight】6.5 kg


Deffy was found abandoned in a farmland with his siblings, when they were less than a month old. The siblings were starved and cold, leaning against each other to keep each other warm. The owner of the farmland notified the rescuer and she took all the siblings home to foster them until now they are fully ready to find their permanent loving home!


Deffy is a gentle boy who is great with dogs and when he sees new dogs, he will lay down first while wagging his tail and let other doggies smell him first. After, he’ll start playing with them. He is good with people and when it comes to people he knows, he’ll go up for pets and enjoy all the attention! He is good with kids, but you have to go slow or else it might scare him. With strangers, he needs a little bit of time to warm up but after a little while, he will go over and want to sniff you out. Deffy loves food and is not food aggressive towards people or dogs. He goes outside for potty and will use the training pads indoors. He is a bit shy towards cats and will observe them from a distance. Deffy is a cuddly little guy who wish to join his furever home soon!