【Age】5 months
  (Est. born in April 2020)
【Weight】7 kg

Debby was found in early June 2020 in a cardboard box at the side of the road in a rainy day. There were four siblings, but Debby was the only survivor. The volunteer took Debby into her care and now Debby is ready to find her forever home!


Debby is a friendly and playful girl who loves to cuddle with people and very affectionate. She loves to play with her toys, play with people and play with other dogs of all sizes/ages. Debby is also friendly with cats, though sometimes wants to play with them. Debby loves to play with children as well and she sticks to the kids in her foster home like glue. She’s not scared of strangers and she will let strangers to pet her if they approach her gently and slowly. Debby loves food and she knows to sit & wait for her treats. Although she’s not food aggressive towards people nor other dogs, she might devour her food quickly before another dog steals it. Debby is in the process of learning housetraining and as a young puppy, accidents in the house is expected. Debby is well-behaved in car-ride and although she doesn’t enjoy bath time, she will still sit through it. Debby is a Formosan mix and she will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown, possibly around 35lbs-40lbs.