【Age】2 years old

  (Born around Jan 2017)


【Weight】16.5 kg


Dave was abandoned at a school, which became his home base during his 1+ month as a stray. He was well liked by both teachers and students, who regularly fed him. One day students noticed that one of his left paws got hurt and that he had a limp. They lured him into the car with a hot dog and took him to the vet to get treated. The vet concluded that the injury was caused by either a car accident or an animal trap. Although fully recovered, Dave is missing a few toes on that paw, and it would be best for Dave to stay away from strenuous activities such as running or rough play. Dave is now living with his foster family and hoping to have a second chance to have a real family again.


Dave is friendly toward humans and dogs, and ok with kids. He’s well-socialized and has a mild temperament! He likes to be the boss among dogs and doesn’t accept unfriendly behaviours. He can get defensive if someone (or another dog) suddenly takes away his food or toy while he’s eating or playing. The best way is to get close to him and talk to him first where he will respond with a big smile, and then anyone is free tp take away the food or toy when he’s not focused on those. For dogs, Dave is willing to share his food or toys, as long as the other dog approach him slowly and notify him first, instead of stealing suddenly. Other than that Dave is a loving, happy, fun boy who loves exploring the world with his human! Dave will be suitable with families with no other animals in the house and without young children. Dave is current with his shots and is patiently waiting to find a furever home in Vancouver to start a new chapter in his life! *Dave will be more suitable with experienced dog owners.


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British Columbia, Canada

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