【Age】9 months old

  ((Est.) Born in June 2019)


【Weight】19 kg


Dan appeared out of nowhere to a gas station and he was about 3-4 months old at the time. An employee reached out for help cuz there’s another stray in the area who is ferocious and will attack any dogs or people it sees.


Dan is a very playful, loving and very affectionate boy. He is a medium sized Formosan mix who loves meeting new doggie friends and playing with them. He looks like a big guy and some smaller dogs might be scared when they see him, but Dan is actually very gentle when he plays with smaller dogs! Dan is a friendly and cuddly boy who has lots of love to give to people, children and even strangers. When it comes to meeting strangers, he’ll go over to say hi and put his head on their lap for a good pet on the head. If you kneel down, he will go right in for a big huge! At home, he likes to lay next to his human and grabbing any chance he has to snuggle! Dan loves food and is not food aggressive towards people and other dogs. He is still learning housetraining, but does go outside and he is a smart boy so with a little bit of time, he’ll catch on! Dan is good during car-rides, but be careful when opening doors or window, because he may get excited and run after you off the car. Dan loves to follow his human everywhere, except when visiting the vets and anything related to needles. Dan loves to explore outdoors and he would be a great companion for outdoor activities!