Daisy  *Adopted*


【Age】4 months old

  (Born on July 05, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】6 kg  


During a typhoon day, a love mum was just finishing up her routine of feeding strays and heading home when little Daisy ran out onto the road. Thankfully, love mom stopped in time. Daisy was then taken into her care and haven’t had any luck in finding a home, so the love mom reached out to us to see if we can help Daisy find a permanent loving home!


Daisy is an outgoing and happy-go-lucky girl. Daisy loves to play with doggies and wants to befriend with every dog that she met. She is also playful with cats that even if the cats hissed at her, she will still try to invite them to play. Daisy is good with kids and she will want to sniff and play with them. Daisy is a social butterfly that she is also good with people and strangers. She will approach strangers to say hi and ask for pets, but she will run away when there is a sudden/big movement. Daisy is very food-motivated which will comes in handy for training and she doesn’t guard her food against dogs nor hoomans. She prefers to go outdoor for potty, but as she’s still a young puppy, she can’t hold her bladder for a long time.