Cosmo *Adopted*


【Age】7 months old

  (Born on April 20, 2019 (est.)) 


【Weight】15 kg 


A volunteer was passing by a construction site when she saw a mother dog with her pups that roughly looked about 3 months old. The volunteer noticed Cosmo right away because the poor little thing was limping and after approaching closer, they could smell what smelt like rotting flesh from his paw. Even with wound, Cosmo was still wagging his tail! The owner of the construction site said poor Cosmo was ran over by the truck which is why he was limping. The volunteer quickly rushed him to the vet and thankfully, there was no bone fractures just skin wound mostly. Though the wound has healed but because of the delay in vet care, there’s no fur around the area and might not grow back out.


Cosmo is a sweet little boy who is great with dogs and loves to sleep and cuddle up with them. With people he knows, he loves to follow them like a little shadow and when he sees kids, he’ll wag his tail and want to play with them. Cosmo is a little bit nervous when it comes to strangers but he will lay down to show his submissive side and will let strangers to pet him. Once you start petting him, he’ll quietly relax there and if you have treats, he’ll sit and watch you until you give him the treats. Cosmo loves food and isn’t food aggressive to people nor dogs. He goes outside for potty and he knows use the peepad at home. He’s a bit scared when cats come close but he won’t chase or bark at them. Cosmo will grow to be medium-sized in his adulthood. He is a gentle and calm boy at home, but he can also be active and playful outdoors!