Shella  *Adopted*

【Age】1 year (Born end of Nov 2016)
【Weight】11.5 kg 

Shella is a quiet, shy but friendly 1 year-old Formosan Mountain Dog mix in need of a loving home as soon as possible! Born to a stray mom, Shella and her 3 sisters are about to be reported and taken to a shelter by local residents, even though they are all spayed. We are hoping to find forever homes for the sisters before it’s too late.

Shella is quite independent, and content to spend time alone. But don’t be fooled by that calm exterior! Inside she’s a sucker for treats just like many others, and is highly motivated by food. She is gentle natured, but is especially sensitive to loud noises like thunder, heavy rain, screaming, and even people walking on the floor above. In consideration of her sensitivity to noise, a family with adults and older children (14+ years old) is preferred. Shella is hoping to meet a patient human companion who would be willing to slowly draw her out from her shell. As she is a calm dog, she would be highly trainable. Like those in her breed, Shella will be a medium-sized dog and will shed only minimally and seasonally.


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British Columbia, Canada

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