【Age】7 months
  (Est. born in February 2020)
【Weight】15 kg

Colin, Corey and their siblings were brought to the shelter in March 2020 when a stranger saw them being abandoned in a rainy day, shivering and leaning against each other . The siblings were sick, but the shelter doesn’t have the resources to take care of them. A volunteer decided to take all the siblings out of the shelter right away and into her care. After being in the foster home for a few months, Colin is now ready to find his own forever home!


Colin loves to play with his doggie friends and enjoys meeting new furiends who are smaller in size than him. When meeting new dogs who are larger than him, he prefers to observe them in distance first and approach when he knows they are friendly. He doesn’t care much about cats, though he sometimes approach to sniff gently then walk away. Colin is very snuggly and affectionate with people he knows, love to be hugged and loves to follow his humans around. When meeting strangers, he is shy, but if the strangers approaches him slowly and gently, he will still let the strangers pet him sometimes. When being with a new family, please expect to spend at least a week for him to fully warm up. The best way for him to warm up is that when being at home, try not to pay too much attention on him and let him approach/sniff you, once he knows he is safe, he will come out of his shell and show how cuddly he is! He is gentle with children, but he will hide away from active/loud kids or those who trying to chase him. Colin loves treat (but not so much with kibbles) and he isn’t food aggressive towards people nor other dogs. Colin loves his daily walks around quiet blocks, but he will be nervous when a crowd approaching or many cars passing by. Colin is well-behaved during car-rides and getting used to bathe time. He is quiet and calm at home and loves to play with his toys. Colin is in the process of learning house-training, so accidents in the house is still expected. Colin will be more suitable with patient experienced dog owners who can help Colin to socialize and build up his confidence! Colin is a Formosan mix and he will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown, possibly around 40lbs.