Cody   *Adopted*

【Age】About 6 months

(as of Dec, 2017)

On a dark typhoon night, Cody and Chloe were found with their mother and two other siblings in a tie-up sac off to the side of the road. Rescuers did not have the heart to send the injured mom and her four puppies to the shelter, and took them in to nurture them back to health. Since then, the mother and her cute pups are fully treated and up-to-date with their shots. The other two puppies have already found their homes, and now it’s Cody’s and Chloe’s turn!

Cody and Chloe are active, curious puppies who love making human friends and meeting other canines! Cody is the calmer brother, while Chloe is the sociable sister that wants to befriend everyone in sight. They would not hesitate to come over and nudge your hand with their little round heads for a nice petting! They generally spend their day playing, fighting over toys with each other, and munching on any yummy food or treats that come their way. At this tender age, Cody and Chloe have great capacity for learning commands and basic canine manners. Like other Formosan Mountain mixes, Cody and Chloe will grow into medium-sized dogs with a short coat, and will only shed minimally and seasonally. The duo is currently in Vancouver, and is ready to meet with you!


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British Columbia, Canada

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