【Age】4 months

  (Born on September 20, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】8.6 kg


Christine, Cherry and Chaya, were abandoned on the streets when they were about a month old, and were seen by a nearby resident who contacted the rescuer for help.


Christine loves leaning on her humans to get some love. She is equally friendly and playful to strangers and children! She loves to sit on laps, loves to be held and loves to cuddle! Christine loves playing with other dogs (sometimes in a rough way), and loves to befriend with dogs of all sizes and ages. Christine is friendly and gentle with cats that most of the time she will just wag her tail and quietly watching cats from a distance. Christine is mostly house-trained, but as she is still a very young puppy, accidents in the house is still expected. Christine is very food-motivated and she doesn’t guard her food against anyone nor other animals. She is well-behaved in car-ride and she seems to enjoy the ride. Christine is a happy girl and her days are filled with treats, play, snoozes, and love. Christine will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown and she is ready to find a furever snuggle partner!