【Age】1 year old

  (Est. born in January 2019)
【Weight】14.3 kg

Chloe was about 10 months old when she was rescued. One day, she appeared at a feeding spot where the love mom goes daily and with her being so friendly to strangers, it’s most likely she was abandoned there. The love mom decided to take her home and help her to find a loving home.


Chloe loves people and everyone that comes near her. She will approach strangers by herself to ask for pets and she will roll over for belly rubs as soon as someone kneel down beside her! Chloe is also great with children and very playful with children. Chloe is an energetic girl who enjoys being with her doggie pals to play. However, she is a little scared of cats and she prefers to stay away from cats. This playful girl likes to play with toys and sometimes steal your slippers! She loves food and she is not food aggressive towards other dogs or people. She also knows to sit before food/treat! Chloe is still learning potty training and she knows to use peepads indoors. Chloe is about fully grown and she will be a perfect companion for social functions, outdoor adventures or just snuggle at home!