Chezy *Adopted*


【Age】5.5 months old

  (As of October 2018)


【Weight】8.8 kg


Chezy and his brother, Barry were found inside a zipped backpack, abandoned on the street under the burning sun when they were only about 1.5 months old. The rescuer took them in and fostered them that the brothers have grown to be two handsome boys.


Chezy is shy at first in a new environment and does require some time to warm up. He tends to be unsure with strangers and is alert when there are sudden noises. Some socialization and puppy classes would be helpful for him. Chezy loves all kinds of food, including fruits and veggies. He would be by your side waiting for anything you would share with him. Chezy gobbles down food super-fast, although he doesn’t guard his food towards human, he does growl if another dog approaches him while he is having his meal. Chezy is more of an alpha dog to his brother, but he shows no prey drive toward cats, guinea pigs, birds or other dogs. Chezy knows to use training pads indoors, but he still needs some encouragement to transfer to outdoors. Although it takes some time for Chezy to warm up, once he does, he is very playful and loves to snuggle!

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British Columbia, Canada

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