【Age】4 months

  (Est. Born on September 20, 2019)


【Weight】8.6 kg


Chester was found roaming the rural area with his siblings and their mother. A kind-hearted lady saw them and started feeding them every day to earn their trust. She started taking the dogs to the vet and sterilize the mother dog, then she realized how sweet Chester is, so she decided to bring him home to foster with the intention in helping him find a loving home, thinking that once she has more room at home, she can bring more dogs home to foster them and getting ready to find homes. However, once day, when she went back to feed the siblings and their mom, they were gone. We can only pray they’re safe and unharmed.


Chester is good with dogs and enjoys his playtimes with them. He is great and cuddly with people and loves to nap on his hoomans. Chester is ok with strangers that he doesn’t mind to let strangers pet him, but he won’t approach them proactively.  Chester is good with children and he will let them pet him and also play together, but he will stay away from active/loud children. Chester is a little sensitive when it comes to loud sounds, but with training and more reassurance, he will overcome this fear. He loves food and is not food aggressive towards people but will protect his food against other doggies. He goes outside for potty but is still training! Chester is good in car rides and prefers to sit on people, so he feels calmer. Chester is ok with cats; he will go smell them gently sometimes, but he doesn’t care about cats most of the time. Chester is possibly a Shepherd/Formosan mix who will grow to be medium-sized, around 35lbs-45lbs when fully grown.