【Age】5 months

  (Born on September 20, 2019 (est.))


【Weight】7.2 kg


Cheryl, Chloe and Charlotte were born to a stray mom, and were the only ones found alive from a litter of 7 puppies when being rescued. The puppies were rushed to the vet and hospitalized for a week until they regain their strength. They have been with the foster family ever since and now they are ready to start their second chance in life!


Cheryl is a sweet little girl who enjoys meeting new doggie friends and loves to play. She loves to be petted and being held, even from strangers. Cheryl is great and gentle with children. Even though she’s not too scared of people, any sudden movements or loud sounds might still scare her. Cheryl will be very nervous when being in an unfamiliar environment in the beginning and it might take a few hours for her to relax, but she will be comfortable on the second visit of the same place. Cheryl loves food and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other animals. She goes outside for potty and she is well-behaved during car rides. Cheryl is a little unsure of cats that she will observe them from a distance, and she will walk away when cats approaches her. Cheryl is a Formosan mix and she will grow to be medium-sized when fully grown, possibly around 35lbs-40lbs. Cheryl will be a great partner for outdoor adventures during the day and a sweet companion to snuggle on the couch at night!