【Age】4 months

  (Est. Born on September 20, 2019)


【Weight】7.8 kg


Chaya and her sisters, Cherry and Christine were abandoned on the streets when they were about a month old and were seen by a nearby resident who contacted the rescuer for help.


Chaya is a darling and a little social butterfly. Chaya is good with dogs and she knows to observe and play carefully when it comes to dogs she’s never met. She’s great with people and also good with strangers too! She loves petting and she is not afraid to approach people for some belly rubs. Chaya is gentle and careful around toddlers and she loves to play with children. Chaya loves food and is not food aggressive towards people or dogs. Chaya is very well-behaved during car rides and she likes to watch you as you drive. She goes outside for potty and she also knows to use training pads at home! As she is still a very young puppy, accidents in the house is still expected. Chaya is friendly to cats as well that she will want to be friends with them, even though the cats are not interested in her. Chaya is possibly a Shepherd/Formosan mix who will grow to be medium-sized, around 35lbs-45lbs when fully grown.