【Age】1 year & 2 months old

  (As of November 2019)
【Weight】17 kg

Carol had a family before, but they moved out of the house without brining Carol with them. The rescuer nearby brought food for Carol regularly while Carol stayed by the door, hoping the owner will come back for her. The neighbours don’t like strays and treated Carol badly. So, the rescuer took Carol into her care to foster with the intention in finding Carol a forever loving home!


Carol is quiet and calm at home, but she can be active with outdoor activities or playing with other dogs as well! Carol is good with people, but she will take a little while to get used to strangers. She prefers to observe strangers from a distance, but if the strangers approach her gently and slowly, she will let them to pet her as well. Carol is friendly with children and she warms up faster to children than adults. Carol is great with other dogs and loves to play with them. She is curious of cats and birds and still trying to figure out what they are. Carol is housetrained and knows to potty outdoors. Carol is food motivated and she doesn’t guard her food against people nor other dogs.