【Age】1 year & 3 months old

  (Born on December 12, 2018 (est.))


【Weight】13 kg


Carlie and her brother, Cesar were abandoned at a location with no food or water source. The locals called in animal control to take them to the shelter to undergo trap-neuter-release (TNR), but volunteers at the shelter believe the two cutie pies deserve a loving home and should not spend their life in and out of the shelter. Since being rescued, the siblings have been under great care and have received a clean bill of health and even some basic command training. They are now ready to go home with their own loving families!


Carlie is a cuddly and loving girl who is friendly to and curious about everyone and everything. She’s great with people of all ages, kids and strangers. She gets taken back if a new dog sniffed her for too long, and would let out a warning. Other than that she’s friendly with any dogs and likes meeting and playing with them. Carlie does not get along as well with cats, as she would give chase and have a bigger reaction. Carlie has no food aggression toward anyone, but doesn’t like to share her bowl with anyone else. One thing to note is that she was born with a weaker right hind leg, and despite no issues with walking and running she should be guided to take a rest after about 15 min of running around to give the leg a break. We recommend feeding her a daily supplement of glucosamine to help strength the leg. She cries when she starts to feel uncomfortable in the back leg, but all she needs is a good rest. As such, is it best that her weight be kept at around 14 kg max to minimize the pressure on her back leg. Carlie can get carried away when left at home and is always looking for something new to play with (socks, tissue, cushions, small items, sticks, pinecones, you name it). Carlie wants a furever family to cuddle and snuggle with, and to love in return!