【Age】5 months old 

  (Est. born on July 5, 2019)  


【Weight】7.5 kg   


Caper and his siblings were reported on the street then captured to the shelter without the mother dog around. The rescuer brought all the siblings out of the shelter and foster them until they are now ready to start their second chance in life! 


Caper is great with people and friendly to strangers. He is loves to show his belly for petting and kiss you when he sees you are looking at him. Caper is a very affectionate and cuddly boy! Caper loves kids and loves to play with kids. He will wag his tail when he sees children around and wants to follow them. Caper is great with other dogs and loves to play with them. Caper is ok with cats. He will approach to sniff gently and if the cat doesn’t like it, he knows to stay away. Caper is food motivated and he doesn’t guard his food against people nor other dogs. Caper is at the teething stage and he will need many toys to chew with. He is currently learning housetraining and knows to use training pads at home. Caper is a Formosan mix and he will grow to be medium-sized in his adulthood, around 30lb-40lbs. Caper will be a perfect companion for any social events and he will be a great partner for outdoor activities!