Candy  *Adopted*

【Age】About 4 years old
(As of Dec 2018)
【Weight】12 kg

Candy's sister, Julia has already began her a new life here in Vancouver with her new family and Candy is looking forward to find her furever home as well! Candy is friendly and good with people but unfortunately, same as her sister, Candy had a sad past as well. The sisters were both chained up for nearly four years from when they were about a month to four years old when they were rescued. They were fed leftover and drank water from the rain, left outside in the cold and rain with no shelter. They never knew what love or a home is and they were both extremely malnourished and was basically a sack of bones.


Candy is a sweetheart that although she was abused by her previous owner, she still trusts human and friendly to strangers, loves to be with human and loves to be petted. Although she is generally friendly with other dogs, she chooses her own dog friends and might growl at those she doesn't like, especially dogs who are larger in size than hers. The scar on her face was bitten by a neighbour’s large dog who often ran and attacked both sisters, resulting in the scars on their faces that might never heal. It’ll take Candy some time to really warm up to other dogs to become friends. However, Candy is an obedient girl that although she often growl at dogs that terrified her, when you say no to her, she’ll lie down and stop growling. Candy is used to do her business outdoor and likes to be a clean girl. Candy is fully grown and is on the smaller side of medium-sized with a creamy short coat that is easy to look after. Candy needs a family who is able to help her gain her confidence and let her know what love is. She would love nothing more than cuddling with her new family member on the couch and enjoy the beautiful sceneries on the trail. ​Contact Second Chance In Life Foundation for more details.