Buffy  *Adopted*

【Name】 Buffy

【Age】 2 years and 2 months old (Est. born on July 16, 2017)

【Gender】 Female

【Weight】 18.5 kg

【Spayed/Neutered】 Spayed

Playful Buffy was taken into a family when she was 5 months old but her owners were not good to her. They would hit her, yell at her and always kept her tied up. She wasn’t always fed and was not given the proper care/exercise needed. The neighbours didn’t have the heart to see her suffer, so they reported the owners to rescued her out of the horrible place. Buffy lived in a private shelter for awhile until May 2019, she joined one of our foster homes and finally have a chance to find a family who really loves her! Buffy never been loved or cared for before, but because of her pure kind heart, she still trusts human and friendly to strangers!


Buffy is affectionate and loves to be held. She’s a happy girl who is calm yet playful! Buffy loves other dogs but will back off if another dog is dominant. She’s great with kids and not scared of strangers. Buffy loves food and is not food aggressive against people or other animals! She’s scared of things that make loud sounds such as lawnmower, plastic bags, loud screaming or cheering. Buffy goes outside for potty and not interested in cats. Buffy is medium-sized and fully-grown. She is a loving and gentle girl who always put out her best behaviour to please people to stay with them. Buffy walks well on leash, understands the command "sit" and "go" and she is great in car-rides as well! Buffy can't wait to join her furever loving family to start her second chance in life!