【Age】5 months

  (As of September 2020)


【Weight】12.5 kg


>> Background History <<

Brownie was rescued and joined in our foster care since she was about 2 months old. She had an owner before but the owner leashed her to a tree outside of the house without anything to shelter. She didn’t not have proper meal nor care. Our volunteer talked to the owner several times asking him to take care of Brownie, but he never listens. After a week, the owner gets annoyed and asked our volunteer to take Brownie away. The volunteer gladly took Brownie into her foster care and now Brownie is ready to find her forever home with a family who truly loves her!

>> Temperament <<

Brownie is a sweet and friendly girl. Brownie is very affectionate and cuddly with people she knows. She is gentle and friendly with children and loves to be hugged by children as well. She is friendly and gentle with cats; she will wag her tail and sniff them gently. Brownie is friendly and gentle with other dogs and new dogs that she just met. However, if the strangers dogs are dominant or very hyper, she will try to hide away from them. Brownie is a bit shy and nervous when meeting strangers, but she will still let strangers to pet her. Brownie walks well on a leash and not afraid of the sound of traffic, except for the loud ambulance/police sirens. Brownie is food-motivated and she doesn’t guard her food from people nor other dogs that she will also share her bowl with dogs she knows. Brownie is housetrained, but being in a new environment, accidents in the house is expected. Brownie is a Formosan mix and she is expected to grow to be medium-sized, possibly around 45lbs when fully grown.